Språk och interkulturell kommunikation

Språk och interkulturell kommunikation

The Master’s Programme in Language and Intercultural Communication


Completion of the Master’s Programme in Language and Intercultural Communication leads to the award of either a Master’s degree 60 credits (magisterexamen) or a Master’s degree 120 credits (masterexamen). In 2019, the first 3 courses in the programme are taught in English, and the plan is to run the whole programme in English in 2020.


The students in this programme have one of the following languages as their main field of study: African languages, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.



Termin 1

  • SIK220, Language and Intercultural Communication, 7,5 high education credits. This course provides an introduction to the interdisciplinary concept of “intercultural communication” and how this is approached from a linguistic perspective. You will study basic theoretical, analytical and critical perspectives on the role of language in intercultural communication, while also focusing on the connections language has to cognition, culture and identity. You will also gain insight into different communicative strategies, and how these can be designed to conform to different cultures and fields of activity.
  • SIK225
  • SIK221
  • En kurs inom huvudområdet

Termin 2

  • SPL230
  • SIK230
  • En valbar kurs

Termin 3

  • SIK222
  • SIK223
  • SIK224
  • En valbar kurs

Termin 4

  • SIK240
  • Praktikkurs / Fältkurs / Valbar kurs
  • alternativt SIK241


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