ENFE002 H21 Företagsekonomi som forskningsfält

ENFE002 H21 Företagsekonomi som forskningsfält

Welcome to Business administration as a research field, 15 ETCS

Course start prel. 2021-09-01

Course coordinator: Professor Christian Ax, Department of Business Administration
E-mail: christian.ax@handels.gu.se

Course administrator: PhD Programme Officer Annika Pihl, Department of Business Administration
E:mail: annika.pihl@class.gu.se


Registration - Doctoral students at University of Gothenburg
Please send an email with your name and personal number (10 digits) to annika.pihl@class.gu.se

Registration - Doctoral students from other universities than University of Gothenburg
Please send your registration, with the documents below, to annika.pihl@class.gu.se

  1. A copy of you passport or swedish national ID card.
  2. A certificate from your university the shows that you are admitted to a PhD-program.
  3. If you are not admitted at a U-6 university (Linköping, Lund, Stockholm, Umeå, Göteborg and Uppsala) or a university with an agreement on a zero course fee (for example Chalmers) you also have to submit the form "Billing details..."and a course fee of 10000 kr will be charged.

    All course participants are responsible for their own costs of travel, overnight arrangements and lunches/dinners.

Max participants: 15

This is the following order of priority in the event that a course has more applicants than places:

  1. Doctoral students from own Department
  2. Doctoral students from own Faculty
  3. Doctoral students from another Faculty within the University of Gothenburg
  4. Doctoral students admitted to Chalmers
  5. Doctoral students admitted to other higher education institutions

Course Summary:

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