LT2214 V23 Komputationell syntax

LT2214 VT23 Computational Syntax, 7.5 credits, part of Master's Programme in Language Technology (MLT)

Basic information

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Course responsible: Aarne Ranta

Teaching assistant:  Rasmus Blanck 

Education coordinator: Madelaine Miller (e-post:

Study administrator: Iines Turunen (e-post:

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UD, Universal Dependencies 

GF, Grammatical Framework 


Inari's video tutorials 

VSCode extension for syntax highlighting

Python library for parsing CoNNL-U files:

More resources will be uploaded to Files on this Canvas page.


Programme (updates possible)

  • Lecture 1: introduction to computational grammars and their applications
  • Lecture 2: Grammatical analysis: words and morphology
  • Lecture 3: Grammatical analysis: dependencies
  • Lecture 4: Grammatical analysis: phrase structure
  • Lecture 5: Abstract syntax as interlingua (first lecture on GF)
  • Lecture 6: Concrete syntax and linearization (second lecture on GF)
  • Lecture 7: Syntactic resource grammars
  • Lecture 8: Semantic grammars and Python applications
  • Lecture 9: Natural Language Generation, especially for Abstract Wikipedia
  • Lecture 10: Recap for the exam
  • Lecture 11: Participant demos and discussion

Each lecture is around 2 hours. After each lecture (and lunch), there are supervised tutorials.

To get accepted four the course, one has to do the assignments and pass an exam. 


A written exam will take place on 30 May, at 17:30-21:30, in Reutersgatan 2C.

Course summary:

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