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Welcome to ES2423 Sustainable development: A case study approach!

26 March - 06 June, 2020 (15 hp)


Course aim

The course aim is to provide you with an understanding of sustainable development as a complex phenomenon and to work with issues related to sustainability in both theory and practice, with special attention given to the current Corona virus situation.


Practical information

In the section "Files" to your left you will find important information about the course, such as a course guide, literature, lecture slides and examination information.

Course guide

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Literature list


Please note the following

- The introduction day is 26 March, at 13.00 on Zoom

- All Zoom links to lectures, workshops and seminars will be sent out via Canvas. You must be ready and logged in latest 5 min before the sessions starts.

- The course requires full time working days throughout the course, mainly from 09.00 to 17.00.

- The final day of the course is June 05 (examination day).

- The course literature list is based on downloadable material.



Course Coordinator

Andreas Skriver Hansen



Kristina N. Lindström (The Business School)

Chiara Rinaldi (The Business School)

Louise C. Andresen (GVC)

Maria Grundström (Environmental Sciences)

Natàlia Corcoll Cornet (Environmental Sciences)


Student Counselor and Administrative Coordinator

Can assist students in course related matters, such as schedules, exams, reporting of results and student accounts. Tel: 031-786 2705. More information on the Student Portal (external site).


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