Course Syllabus

Welcome to course KEA310 Analytical Chemistry: Introductory Course!


The course starts 15th January, 10:15 in 3401 Korallrevet. It is important that you can attend the course start, it is at this time you get essential information regarding how the course will be organized. This occasion cannot be retaken.

It is important that you register on the course in Ladok. The self-registration can be done on Ladok in the Student Portal one week prior to course start until 10th of January.


Information about the course:

The schedule can be found here (including lab demo/ computer exercise sessions).

Timeedit (link below) has details of all the lecture/tutorial sessions.


The course book for this course is Quantitative Chemical Analysis by Daniel C. Harris.We generally use the most recent Edition but older versions contain much of the sameinformation.
The course plan can be found here



Course leader: John Fletcher

Course administrator: Alexander Englund

Study counsellor : Per Martin Björemark

The student expedition is at Natrium, room 2101 and has the following opening hours:

  •  Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30-15:00

Students with a NAIS statement should contact the study counsellor in the beginning of the course in order to receive the support that is recommended in the statement.

For more information about the department and about the university rules continue to Student Portal:

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